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"Chutian Metropolis Daily" "18 assists" live broadcast second station | Xiangyanghua girl admitted to Huake Dazhi as a translator

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"18 assists" live broadcast second station | Xiangyanghua girl admitted to Huake Dazhi as a translator
  Parents were seriously ill, and the family was poor and optimistic. Peng Gege, an 18-year-old girl, was admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a score of 606.
  Our reporter (first from left) broadcasts an interview with Peng Gege
  On the 2nd, the organizing committee of the ”18-Year Poor College Students“ event of Chutian Metropolis Daily conducted a live interview with the ”Xiangyang Flower Girl“。 Tens of thousands of netizens paid attention and praised it, and more loving enterprises sent 5,000 yuan to the scholarship on the spot.
Peng Gege’s parents suffered from serious illnesses
  Changqing Street, Jianghan District, Fuxing Village Community, 7th floor of an old residential building, a 30-square-meter house is home to three families who have lived for 20 years.
  The house was too small. Five years ago, the neighbors helped the child to build a small loft bed, separated from the parents' bed by a wardrobe.
  Peng Gege stepped on the ladder every day, and the careful Peng Dad worried that the ladder would slip and wrapped it thick with a rag.
  This girl with a quiet face and a youthful smile, shared her study experience with netizens without tweaking.
  In English, he scored 142 points and wrote a translation language major at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Peng Gege's ideal is to be a good translator.
  With her class teacher and Li Zhiwen, a mathematics teacher from Wuhan University, Peng Gege said, ”Good English, good language, very linguistic talent, and a major in translation, can make good use of her expertise!“ Tagore's ”Life is like a summer flower“, won the praise of netizens.
Peng Gege’s books are mostly related to foreign languages.
  However, while a family of three is immersed in the joy of the gold medal title, they are also guilty of tuition fees. In 2006, Peng Dad suffered from uremia, dialysis three times a week, unable to go to work, monthly medical expenses of more than 1,000 yuan at his own expense, the entire family rely on Peng mother support.
  The house leaked to the night rain. In 2015, Peng mother detected kidney cancer and pancreatic cystadenoma, still sick in the small restaurant, only 1,000 yuan a month, plus the minimum living allowance, only enough to pay for the couple Medical expenses.
Greg grows toward the sun
  After Peng's mother suffered from kidney cancer, her unit's Wushang merchants and community neighborhoods donated money to save 30,000 yuan for surgery. Currently, kidney cancer has been basically controlled. However, pancreatic cystadenoma surgery costs 120,000. In order not to burden the family, she did not have surgery and chose a relatively cheap drug therapy.
  Two years ago, a kind-hearted entrepreneur funded the living expenses of 1,200 yuan a month, which gave them a relatively stable source of life.
  The suffering life did not take away their optimistic attitude. Peng Gege said that Dad always smiles, and his mother often sings a little song. She has always been like a sun flower, growing towards the sun, full of hope for life.
  Under the kind invitation of netizens, Ms. Peng deeply sang Deng Lijun's ”I only care about you“, and the songs were exquisite and moved, and I touched many netizens. Netizen ”Yeeh“ said: ”What I hear is the love and wish of a family. I hear happiness.“
Peng Yi (second from left), the union chairman of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. donated money to Peng Gege
  Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., who has been enthusiastic about helping students for a long time, heard the news and rushed to the live broadcast site and sent a 5,000-yuan scholarship. ”Peng Gege is very good. She has very valuable positive energy. We will do our best to help her. We will continue to pay attention to her study and life in the future and will provide her with paid internship positions.“
  Peng Yi, the company's trade union chairman, called on more caring companies and individuals to join the student-study activities, so that more students can learn and study.
"Chutian Metropolis Daily" "18 assists" live broadcast second station | Xiangyanghua girl admitted to Huake Dazhi as a translator