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Gathering forces from all directions, condensing thousands of love

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"18 aids" 25 million donations to help 6,000 students dream


△ “18 assists” scholarships were put on the spot, and some of the students and parents’ representatives received scholarships (Photographer Chu Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Li Hui)

  Millions of money, rushing to the flow; all the love, such as the tide. Six thousand students, a dream of Thanksgiving; a few months of sweat, full of affection.
  On September 21st, the ”18-Assistance“ and Shanyuan Yizhu Scholarship Ceremony was held at the Chutian Media Building. This marked the successful completion of the large-scale public welfare activities of the ”18-Year Poor College Students“ jointly initiated by Chutian Metropolis Daily, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office and the Provincial Youth Foundation. Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., as a representative of the province's love enterprises, was invited to participate in the event.

△ Peng Yi, Chairman of the Changjiang Electric Labor Union, donated money to parents of students (Photographer Chu Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter)

  Scholarships were placed on the scene, and Peng Yi, the labor union chairman of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., on behalf of all employees, awarded scholarships to the students and parents. She talked about Changjiang Electric's participation in the ”18-Assistance“ activity, which originated from several spontaneous small-scale donations from the company. Later, it gradually developed into a collective love activity involving more than 800 people. The company's chairman Wang Xincheng was in his own name. Donate 10,000 yuan to encourage employees to actively participate in public welfare undertakings through practical actions.
  All along, Changjiang Electric has always adhered to the corporate tenet of ”creating quality products and serving the society“ to ensure the sustainable development of the company itself and actively practice social responsibility. Especially in the era of sharing economy, Changjiang Electric established a corporate volunteer alliance to participate in ”multiple Back one kilometer, “care for left-behind children, walk into nursing homes, raise donations, and save the porpoises in Alashan, and form a community of employees to participate in public welfare.
  The ceremony also held a ceremony for the release of ”Yi Lu You You·Helping Dreams – Raising Fees for Poor College Students“。 Through the 100,000 donations raised by more than 4,000 netizens, it was distributed to 200 freshmen in economically difficult areas in remote areas. On the hand, they solved the tolls for their schooling.
  18 years of hard work and long-term, 18 years will not leave. The 18th ”Supporting Poor College Students“ activities gathered together the strengths of the eight parties and united thousands of loves. The total amount of donations was over 210 million yuan. Nearly 60,000 Jingchu students bathed in the sunshine of love, and headed into the favorite campus to open a new one. life.
Gathering forces from all directions, condensing thousands of love