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Sun Minjie

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Big platform to achieve big dreams
(Sun Minjie, Vice President, Changjiang Electric Entrepreneurship Service Center)Fives
  That summer, I came to Changjiang Electric to start working as a business commissioner. I spent an internship in the workshop for a month. Under the leadership of Master Liu Panpan, I began to understand the company's products and production processes, and learned the quotation and bidding. In 2012, I became the host of the company's New Year Gala through competition. It was also an opportunity for me to officially show myself in front of hundreds of employees in the Changjiang Electric for the first time.
  In 2012, the company's qualification system commissioner recruited, the leaders interviewed me and encouraged me to try the ”Qualification System Specialist“。 At that time, the company just established a controlled document, from the management of people to the initial stage of system management. I am strange and very challenging.
  The deepest memory is that there is a document that will expire in 20 days. In order to prepare the information declaration as soon as possible, I work overtime for two days and two nights. The declared unit is in Xudong. Every morning at 5 o'clock in the morning, the bus is pushed to the bus and the car is transferred to the driver's office. Again and again, day after day, I finally passed the test and successfully retrieved the documents.
  Grassroots work is the most time and experience to hone. In the qualification management position, I am accustomed to repeated borrowing qualifications every day, exercise various abilities, and enhance the potential of innovation and challenge. The scope of business is constantly increasing. From the qualifications, the system management has been increased, the government departments have been increased, and the party building has been increased… step by step accumulation. When you are ready, opportunities will come firmly.
  At the end of 2016, the position of the general manager of production was vacant, and the company organized an open competition. I was well prepared, participated in the open competition, and finally was promoted to the general manager of production.
  Production management is the whole system that covers design, procurement, production, inspection, and after-sales. In addition, I will continue to manage qualifications and party building. Unfamiliar with the business, lack of management knowledge, I feel very unreliable in my heart, there is a feeling that the head can not top the sky, the feet can not land. I know that I have to start learning, and I need to speed up my studies and have a planned study.
  Reading, I first bought dozens of copies for production management, planned management, management knowledge, and standardized management of production sites; I organize monthly meetings of team leaders and quarters, quarterly Organize employee symposiums, organize work deployment meetings at the end of the year and at the end of the year, go to the workshop every day to inspect the production situation of the workshop; at the same time, I also encourage colleagues in various departments to dare to challenge and dare to break through. The drawing has made progress in breakthroughs; this year the production workshop has realized the transformation from manual and electric tools to pneumatic tools; this year, the new and old managers of the quality assurance center alternated and the management has a new breakthrough…
  With the development of the company, after a year of production general manager, I was once again transferred to the marketing system as the vice president, in charge of the marketing management center. I remember when the chairman asked me to talk, ”the marketing system is the company's leader. You must be prepared, give play to your strengths, and do your job well.“ Simple and simple words, bearing the trust and expectation of the company, I decided to challenge myself, accept the company arrangement, and live up to the trust of the company! Decided, just go and do it! Do not drag! Don't wait! Do not push!
  In Changjiang, I saw a lot of talents who are better than me and smarter than me. But there is no shortage of smart people in this society. What is lacking is the person who has tenacity and endurance. The process of persistence is also a kind of accumulation. precipitation. I found a suitable platform, but also know how to work hard, but also know how to be grateful. Good results are all that can be achieved through hard work, and can't wait. So, can you do it by your own efforts? Obviously, individual heroism does not work. We need to cooperate and share, help each other, achieve each other, there is no weak team in the excellent team, and no one in the failed team is the strong.
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