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Chen Dan

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Do not forget the original heart, Tongchuang sharing
(Chen Dan, General Manager of Changjiang Electric Ventures)
  I was a newly graduated child 12 years ago. I became the mother of the child 12 years later. I was a negligible accountant 12 years ago. After 12 years, I became the general manager of Changjiang Marketing; 12 years ago I used to I am worried about my monthly rent and I have enough ability to protect my family after 12 years.
  First, choosing the right platform is the key, and struggling is the path.
  In 2006, my graduation internship was assigned to Qingshan Shipyard. My father thought that the girl would be stable, but I always wanted to find a favorite job by my own efforts. In this year, I joined Changjiang Electric. The first impression the company gave me was the atmosphere, because I participated in such a large-scale annual meeting for the first time, and gave us a monthly fee of 500 yuan for each employee. For me, I only need 10 yuan to go home. In fact, I feel that this unit is too flat.
  The second is passion and vitality. The person in charge of the company is very young and very kind, so I believe that as long as you work hard, the company will definitely give me the opportunity to realize my own value.
  The third is warmth. The most impressive thing is the production system. In order to deliver on time, all the people in the office went down to the workshop to make the cabinet. At that time, the boxes were all placed outdoors. In the summer, everyone's overalls were wet and dried, but everyone was very Happy. There are also colleagues in the workshop, who insist on not rest for 3 days and 3 nights, and some people even fall asleep while doing it. Their spirit and perseverance shocked me. I began to understand that there was nothing that could not be done, only those who did not want to do things.
  Dear Colleague, if you are at this stage I have experienced, I want to give you a word: Please believe that choosing a long power will not disappoint you, and our hard work is the basis for more possibilities!
  Second, breaking through the predicament is determined, and there is wisdom in it.
  Of course, life can't be smooth sailing, it's too boring! Entering sales in 2011 is a tough year for me on the Changjiang Electric. At that time, I just had a child, the pressure was very big, my mentality was very impetuous, I was eager to make a quick performance, but I ignored it. There is no shortcut to success.
  In 2012, I was exposed to a real estate project. I didn't know what was 130 before. What should I do? The chairman patiently helped me to see the project drawings and analyze the project situation. I finally got through the process and successfully completed the project execution. Later, with the accumulation of experience in project operation, what kind of 140190 I encountered now is not afraid. I think it is important to find a good teacher to do business.
  I also want to give those who have encountered difficulties in life and just entered the marketing position. After 90, my colleague said: Use our determination to break through the predicament, let us have a big heart, and have a good deed.
  Third, adult self-confidence is the initial heart, and the big love is the pattern.
  For 12 years, it is a lie to say that it is not hard. It is not hard to start a business. Of course, it is more fulfilling. As far as I know that drinking water is the root of life, I would like to thank the company for his trust and support as always, thank you for the 12 years of cultivation of the chairman, thank my family for their spiritual support, thank my team, you It has always been the best. Thanks to my client who chose to believe me and make me useless at this age. Every colleague who is grateful to Changjiang has taught me one by one, and we feel that we have been very happy.
  At the annual meeting last year, the chairman's report pointed out a higher direction for my future. In 2018, I will actively respond to the company's C123 development strategy, and will not waver around the center of cultivating group entrepreneurs. As a representative of the marketing system entrepreneurs, I will also practice the concept of ”Adults reaching out and becoming a person“。 I am willing to help more people to embark on this road of entrepreneurship and realize their ideals in life.
  In 2018, I am waiting for you in Changdian, and heading for a dream together!
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